Polish interpreter: Bloging

Taking the plunge!

As a freelance Polish interpreter and translator it is very important to make yourself visible. You need to create an on-line presence for yourself. I have been trying to start blogging for ages. I thought to myself I need a proper structure. I need tabs and groups of blogs and this and that. And because of that I never took the plunge. As I wanted to be perfect and then it dawned on me I will never do it. It is like with the decision to have a child you are never ready. It is better to just do it, do not over analyze it. I am proud to start blogging about my life as a freelance translator and interpreter. Stay tuned the best is yet to come.

To send or not to send?

I have been working as a freelance Polish interpreter and translator for the last 9 years now. And I always wondered how is it that I have been used by an agency for ages and then without any reason they stop using me. I get all insecure and worried. They found a cheaper service and now they will never use me again! I don’t want to be a needy chick and ask them about it so I send them an updated version of my CVJ I asked one of my agency how does it look form their perspective. They said they don’t mind getting a friendly e-mail now and then but do not send us, they said, an e-mail saying: give me some work! So next time I won’t be worried so much and just send an honest e-mail reminding them that I still work as a translator and I am ready for anything.


Being freelance interpreter

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You can say that you are a successful freelance translator/interpreter when one day, let’s say Tuesday at 11:00 am  you look in the mirror and see no make up, pajamas and mind you probably no bra! The coffee mugs and dirty plates gathered magically over the course of a busy day all around your computer and you are not even close to finishing off your translation. Yes truly you achieved the greatness you dreamed about! This thought dawned on me one beautiful braless Tuesday and although initially I was ecstatic I soon realized that like...

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